Kloxo – Setting Up FTP

By default you can always login to manage all of your domains with the “admin” FTP account. This account exists by default and does not need to be created. When you login using the “admin” FTP user you will be dropped into the /home/admin directory of your VPS. This directory contains the folders for all of your domains.


To create an FTP user that is only allowed access to a specific folder first click the “Home” tab to get back to the main screen. The under the “Domain” heading click the FTP users icon.


click the “Add FTP User” tab at the top of the window.


Ftp User Name : username of your choice

@ : choose from drop down menu which site you want this user to have access to.

The username would then be in the “user@domain” format.

Password : password of your choice

Virtual Directory : the folder location to which the user will have access to.

The user will not be able to view folders below the starting directory you set.

Disk Quota (MB) (blank For Unlimited) : set the limit for data file transfer.

click Add.


In my experience, after having added an ftp user, I still couldn’t connect to my server using ftp client. If this happens to you, you might want to try the following:

1. Click “home” in Kloxo admin and look for Shell Access under the Resources category and it’ll take you here:


from the dropdown box:

/bin/bash is “normal” shell

/usr/bin/jailshell is a more restricted type

If you choose the restricted type, you have to connect using SFTP protocol on your ftp client.

You will not be able to connect with SFTP using normal FTP users. Only accounts with shell access – usually limited to your “admin” user – can connect using SFTP.

Using either FTP or SFTP you can upload your files to your website. You will need to place your files in the folder you created when setting up your domain. Usually /home/admin/

Finally, you may need to reboot server for the settings to take effect.


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