FreeDownloadManager is a good and free download manager you can get online, however, recently I’ve decided to switch to another download manager.

I uninstalled FDM from control panel (I’m using windows7) and it was easy, of course, but when I tried to stream video on divx web player on chrome, I keep getting this error message telling me to remove npfdm.dll from Chrome plugin directory.

Here’s where you can find Chrome’s plugin directory:

C:/ –> Users –> [user name] –> AppData  –> Local –> Google –> Chrome –> Application –> plugins


14 thoughts on “FreeDownloadManager and Removing its npfdm.dll from Chrome

  1. this is so complicated tried removing plug-ins! it won’t, identify itself! not on plugins. will TR y-this ‘finally “I take all my info out of Chrome and DUMP chrome! and never get it again! I called a technician, he wants to clean the whole computer! I want to kill google!


  2. simple! just write this on your address box (for chrome only)
    “chrome://plugins” and then just click disable :)))) hope it helps!


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