How to Install Transmission Torrent Client on Linux Server

The following instruction is taken from Sborg Instruction Manual.

You need to have ‘root’ access to your server and follow the steps carefully (no skipping):

Run Putty or similar software to access your servers ssh terminal.

– Login with username “root” and your root password.

– Copy paste this command into the terminal (just right click to paste).

yum install -y gettext gcc make intltool libevent libevent-devel curl-devel gcc-c++ m4 automake libtool openssl-devel

–  Using wget command, download Transmission binary:


– And extract it to a directory

tar xf transmission-2.04.tar.bz2

– Go inside the directory:

cd transmission*

– Configure transmission:

./configure --enable-daemon --disable-gtk

– Prepare to install:


– Run install:

make install

– Run transmission once to create the settings file:


– Kill the daemon so you can safely edit the settings.

killall transmission-daemon

– Edit “settings.json” file for your transmission:

vi ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

– Disable RPC whitelist:

"rpc-whitelist-enabled": false,

** (type “/rpc” and press “ENTER”  to find the “rpc-whitelist-enabled”, press “INSERT”  to enable text input mode, change value from “true” to “false”. Press ‘ESC’  to disable text input mode. Type “:wq” and press ENTER to save and exit)

– Test run by going to:



You can open the transmission web interface link to stop / start torrents.

You need to restart transmission whenever you reboot your server. Do this by running the following code on shell access:


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