The following instruction is taken from Sborg Instruction Manual.

You need to have ‘root’ access to your server and follow the steps carefully (no skipping):

Run Putty or similar software to access your servers ssh terminal.

– Login with username “root” and your root password.

– Copy paste this command into the terminal (just right click to paste).

yum install -y gettext gcc make intltool libevent libevent-devel curl-devel gcc-c++ m4 automake libtool openssl-devel

–  Using wget command, download Transmission binary:


– And extract it to a directory

tar xf transmission-2.04.tar.bz2

– Go inside the directory:

cd transmission*

– Configure transmission:

./configure --enable-daemon --disable-gtk

– Prepare to install:


– Run install:

make install

– Run transmission once to create the settings file:


– Kill the daemon so you can safely edit the settings.

killall transmission-daemon

– Edit “settings.json” file for your transmission:

vi ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

– Disable RPC whitelist:

"rpc-whitelist-enabled": false,

** (type “/rpc” and press “ENTER”  to find the “rpc-whitelist-enabled”, press “INSERT”  to enable text input mode, change value from “true” to “false”. Press ‘ESC’  to disable text input mode. Type “:wq” and press ENTER to save and exit)

– Test run by going to:



You can open the transmission web interface link to stop / start torrents.

You need to restart transmission whenever you reboot your server. Do this by running the following code on shell access:


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