SSH Commands

Move into a directory


You can specify the full path from the root of the server:

cd /home/00000/domains/

Go up a directory level

cd ..

Go to your home directory

cd ~

To see exactly which folder you are in:


*** it stands for print working directory. You will see output like this:


To see a list of files and folders in your current directory:

ls -alh

**ls = list command
**a = means all files (including hidden) should be shown
**l = means that the long format is used
**h = makes the sizes display in convenient units.

There are more ssh commands and you can find them here:

But basically, the reason why I started reading about ssh and stuff is because I have to use it somehow to delete files inside my private sborg folder named “torrent_downloads”.

You cannot just go to file manager and delete it from there. It’ll show permission denied.

So, to delete these files, access shell and paste the following command:

rm -rf  /home/path/to/the/file/you/want/to/delete/



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