How To Use Your tk Domain on Blogger

Blogger offers free hosting for your own domain name, so you don’t have to use a subdomain like

You can do this by either buying a domain name from your blogger account, or use your own domain (if you have one).

I was curious, I’ve known this some time ago, but I don’t want to buy a domain name so instead, I use a free domain name from .

Here’s how to point your tk domain to your blogger:

1. Login to your blogger account.

2. Click  SETTINGS >> PUBLISHING then switch to CUSTOM DOMAIN.

3. Click SWITCH TO ADVANCE SETTINGS (shown below) and put in your domain name.

4. Go to your account and click MODIFY A DOMAIN.

5. Choose “Use dot tk Free DNS service” from the dropdown menu and add 4 A records and a CNAME as follows:

[click to enlarge]

For A Records, use these as ip addresses.

For CNAME, use this as ip address:

Instead of, type your domain name then click NEXT.

That’s all!


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