Transfer VBulletin to New Server

Simple steps I did to transfer VBulletin from one hosting to another:

1. Download Database Backup using PhpMyAdmin.

2. Download VBulletin files using FTP.

3. Using FTP, upload VBulletin files to new server.

4. On Cpanel (new), go to PhpMyAdmin, click Import.

– If your PhpMyAdmin only allows small file upload, you have to use bigdump.php You can get the free script from here:

It’s a zip file, so I extracted it and put it in a folder.

Then I put in the same folder, my big database backup for my vbulletin forum.

I open the bigdump.php with my dreamweaver (you can use notepad or any editor) and put in my database info like hostname, username and password.

Together, I uploaded them to the root of my directory (with the folder) and after it’s done uploading using an ftp client, I opened the bigdump file, something like :

You can actually use the bigdump page to upload your big database sql file or, just do what I did, I uploaded the big database backup using my ftp client.

5. You should be able to see your forum up.


Log in to VBulletin Admin.

Go to Settings >> Option >> Site Name / URL / Contact Details

Change the information to your new domain name and everything should work out fine 🙂


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